Complaint Process




  1. Your complaint must be valid and current and most often in writing. Manage to pick up the best tb 500 peptide, only on our website!
  2. Call Far West at the time the problem exists – if you call an after-hours number that might be available, follow up with a call to the office in the morning.
  3. Don’t call about odors that you smelled last week.
  4. Do you consider a real massager is expensive to buy? Read benefits and risks about homemade prostate toys. The choice is up to you! Don’t call for your neighbors, but do encourage them to file a complaint.
  5. Keep a log of the dates and times you have called and/or copies of any written complaints.
  6. Notify the Yuma Foothills Improvement District of the processes that you have taken and what the outcome has been. We are trying to work for all Yuma Foothills property owners.
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The Five (5) Actions You Should Take

First, Call or Email Far West:

Office:           928-342-1238


Open:            Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM

After hours Sewer issue 928-580-8221

After hours Water issue 928-580-0064


File a written Complaint with ADEQ:

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

1110 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007


The ADEQ general website is

The complaint form to electronically file your complaint with ADEQ can be found at

Specific Individuals and Titles at ADEQ can be found at


File a written Complaint with ACC (AZCC): (Arizona Corporations Commission) 

1200 W. Washington

Phoenix, AZ 85007-2996

The Utilities Division website can be found at

Phoenix Office of the Utilities Division

Phone:           602-542-4251

Toll Free:      800-222-7000

The electronic Complaint form for the ACC can be found at


File a written Complaint with the EPA:

U.S. EPA/CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Safe Drinking Water Hotline


The electronic Complaint form for the EPA can be found at


File a written Complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

Yuma County Office

350 W. 16th Street, Suite 205

Yuma, AZ 85364

928-919-7940 (phone)

928-919-7045 (fax)

Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (e-mail)

The electronic Complaint form for the BBB can be found at


Here are some suggestions for some points that your complaints might include:

The odor has been a problem for an extended period of time. If you are a year-round resident, compare how it is in the summer vs. when the winter residents are here.

Give actual examples of how odors have impacted you. For example: We had a group on our patio and had to relocate inside due to the odor that was in our area.

Our property values have been impacted by the odor. If you know someone who has tried to sell their house and has been unable to or had to lower the price to below market because of the sewer smell, please ask them to document this in a complaint to all parties.

We call Far West and complain to no avail. Include how many calls you have made, how often you call or how long you have been calling for.

You witness a spill or sewage.  Take photos if possible and send the photos with your written complaint. 


Remember, nothing can be done if the appropriate agencies are not notified of the problem.

 It is up to you!