Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a Special District? A Special District is known as a political sub-division, which have many of the same abilities and rights of other political entities such as cities and counties.  In Arizona Special Districts come under Arizona Revised Statutes Title 48.
  • Why establish a Special District?  There are many good reasons, please see our document entitled Advantages of forming a Special Wastewater & Water District.
  • What is the process to establish a district?  Please see Checklist of steps needed to form a Water and Wastewater District.  This document came from Yavapai County; posted on internet.
  • How can we possibly pay for this purchase?  Where will the money come from?
    We will be working with WIFA   for most of the financing, they make loans for water and sewer infrastructure either construction or refinancing. Already got the question what's better similac or enfamil? Go to the site and choose!  Also once we become a political sub-division, we can apply for public grants.  Several agencies make grants for different purposes.  This will need to be researched.  See WIFA website
  • As a customer/owner of the “District” would I personally be liable for debt & possible law suits incurred by the district?  Well first the word owner is probably a misnomer in this context.  We will be publicly owned, and you have a public input.  It is not a Co-op.  We are forming a corporation to operate under during the time we are forming the district. Once the district is approved by the county, it becomes a political sub-division.  You could no more be sued with this district, than you could if someone sued the county.  As far as district debt, and you being liable, you are liable for your monthly sewer and water bill.  Also you are liable for any property taxes the district might impose.  The probably won’t have a property tax.  Remember water & sewage must be treated properly, and we as property owners are ultimately responsible no matter who owns the treatment service.  If Far West went bankrupt we would have to step up.

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