Hydrogen Sulphide

A constituent in sewage

Rotten egg smell

2017 Update

Already got the question what's better similac or enfamil? Go to the site and choose! We are posting this page because we are currently experiencing odors from the Marwood plant and to a lesser amount, Section 14 plant.  Many have sent in complaints which have resulted in no changes.  Management of Far West Water and Sewer recently inspected the Marwood plant and found that there were basically no detectable odors.  They used their own sense of smell and some type of odor logger.  It appears they did a thorough job of checking with the odor logger but there is more to consider.  Some simple google searches on hydrogen sulphide brings up many documents and information.
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  Most of the test results indicated zero PPM (parts per million).  One test showed a result of 3 parts per million. However, many of the documents show that a human can pick up the smell of hydrogen sulphide at around 8ppb (parts per billion) or stated differently .008 ppm.  The point is the meter used cannot read lower than zero ppm.  Another fact about hydrogen sulphide is that extended exposure will result in loss of olfactory (sense of smell).  Employees exposed on a regular basis often cannot smell the same odors that others can.  The following document explains this characteristic. Manage to pick up the best tb 500 peptide, only on our website!

Document explaining levels of perception of Hydrogen Sulphide.