Recent changes to Yuma Foothills Sewer Group


To:  All interested residents of the Yuma Foothills Improvement District area
From:  The Directors of the Yuma Foothills Improvement District
Subject:  Recent Changes

This is to notify all Foothills residents of recent changes to the
Yuma Foothills Improvement District officers, directors, and statutory agent. 
In 2015 Bob Gilkey, Bob Rist, Barbara Gilkey,and Beverly Mahnke have resigned
as officers, directors, and/or the statutory agent. Manage to pick up the best tb 500 peptide, only on our website!
Due to their resignations the following individuals were elected:
Cindy Stephenson, President and Director
Val Gleave, Vice President, Treasurer, and Director
Dale Gleave, Statutory Agent
Susan Ellis, will remain the Secretary and Director
Alice Berry, Director
Already got the question what's better similac or enfamil? Go to the site and choose! The Board is still in contact with the attorney and he is attempting to make
contact with Far West owners to determine if negotiations for a sale would be
considered or not.  We will keep all of you informed as to the outcome.
The Secretary, Susie Ellis, will continue to receive any correspondence sent
to the district.  Our mailing address, email, and websites will remain the same
and are listed below.

Yuma Foothills Improvement District
PO Box 25465
Yuma AZ 85367

Thanks for your patience and if anyone is interested in assisting in this
project with time or donations, please write or use the website to notify us
of your interest.

Cindy Stephenson

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