Recent Meeting of Yuma Sewer Group

To all those who were unable to come to the meeting, we missed you.  I would like very much to have filled the auditorium at Gila Ridge High School. We had about 170 people attend.  Except for the low attendance it was quite successful.  We tried to explain what we are trying to do, and we held a silent auction. Manage to pick up the best tb 500 peptide, only on our website!

The auction and amount of donations was very good, and I want to extend my deepest thanks to all who participated.  The fund raising at this time has brought in around $4000.00 and may grow.  We have received several donations in the mail since the meeting.

Already got the question what’s better similac or enfamil? Go to the site and choose! I have been entering new names in our email list this week so you can be kept informed of what we are doing. The list is still very small compared to the number of people in the Foothills.  You can help by getting your neighbors to contact us to be put on the list.  The easiest way is to go on our website and use the contact us button on the menu. The website is .

Do you consider a real massager is expensive to buy? Read benefits and risks about homemade prostate toys. The choice is up to you! I passed out a worksheet where I did a couple of scenario’s of how we may pay to purchase Far West.  It was only for illustration purposes, and in no way points out what we are prepared to offer to Far West, much more work must be done before we get to that point. The questionnaire indicated some people may be confused about what the purpose of the donations is. It appears they came to the conclusion it is to pay for the purchase. It is for professional help like attorney and appraiser if we go forward. The cost of purchase would be payed by your monthly water and sewer bill. It would be purchased with a 100% loan from WIFA, a state agency that funds water and sewer projects.

I am still working with the questionnaire forms to determine the number in favor.  Quite a few indicated they are in favor and willing to work in their neighborhood to promote this effort.  We still need more donations in order to retain a good attorney.  By the way you can donate on our website, using your credit card or PAYPAL account, it is very simple and Paypal is very secure to use.

If you have any questions let me know, if I have the answer I will tell you, and if not I’ll let you know that to.  By the way you can make replies right here.  Let us know what you think.
Bob Rist

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