Why are RV spaces charged different than private owned lots?

Recently I received an email from Sandi Rogalski, in which she is upset and doesn’t understand why there is a difference in charges for RV’s hooked up to the sewer. Manage to pick up the best tb 500 peptide, only on our website!

“I just have to get this off my chest.  I still cannot believe that RV parks pay such a low sewer amount. They use the sewer the same amount as we do.  There is just one of me and look what I pay.  Especially Rancho Rialto, what is the deal with them that they get such special treatment on rates?  Do they own part of the park?  Just disgusted I guess.  Smelled again tonight but has been better the last month.  Sandi Rogalski”
This is a situation I have long wondered about myself. Already got the question what’s better similac or enfamil? Go to the site and choose!  When Gilkey’s and I were doing discovery for the hearings for the rate increase, we found this, and believe it is not fair to other rate payers.  At that time the spaces in RV parks were paying 25% of the residential rate.  You had to be staying in an RV park to get this rate.  As Sandi pointed out, she is one person, and was paying 75% more for her sewage.  We argued for a higher rate and would have been satisfied if it had been adjusted to 50% of the residential, but their expert witness argued against it, and prevailed with an adjustment to 33%.  Why would Far West want RV rates lower?  We don’t really know, we can only guess.  There were 4 RV parks in the Far West service area, with I think 734 spaces, almost 10% of the total sewer customers.  We showed that there is a fifth RV park which belongs to the Capestro’s, and they were not reporting, nor were they paying any monthly charge per space. That has been resolved and Capestro’s now pays the 33% on the 38 spaces each month.  Why should we even be concerned with how much an RV space is charged?  In order to arrive at the Rate that ACC is going to allow Far West to charge, they looked at all of their expenses, then added on a profit.  They then calculate how much revenue each class of customer will generate.  So if the rates of 10% of the customers are preferential the rates for the others will have to be higher to meet the needed revenue.
Do you consider a real massager is expensive to buy? Read benefits and risks about homemade prostate toys. The choice is up to you! I argued that even though an RV may produce less quantity of sewage, it is just as hard to treat at the sewage treatment plant.  It is much more concentrated, and many times contains chemicals that are intended to retard the biological action which breaks down sewage.  The sewage from an RV usually is dumped into the sewer in slugs which have been held in the tanks for a week or more.  If you read the Information letter that Far West put out at our meeting at Par 3 Golf Course, Paula actually makes a point of how RV sewage is more difficult to treat.
Sandi ask what is the deal with Rancho Rialto getting special treatment?  Well not sure I know all there is to know, but I don’t think they do get special treatment.  Rancho Rialto has two sections, one is for mobile homes, and the other is the RV section.  The RV section pays the RV rate even if it has a Park Model RV permanently setup on it.  The section for mobile homes pays the residential rate.  Now we have heard numerous reports of residents living there that were not charged for sewage by Far West for years.  That was not special treatment, it was bad management at Far West.
Now lets consider “Yuma Ventures” RV park.  This is a park not far from Rancho Rialto, that has all Park Model RV’s.  They currently are on a septic tank system which is failing.  They want to hookup to the sewer.  They were told by Far West that each space would be charged the residential rate.  The reason is each lot is individually owned.  So we have permanent Park Models at Rancho Rialto paying 33% of residential, and permanent Park Models at Yuma Ventures paying full price.
I’m interested in your thoughts about this, lets hear your comments.

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