This site has been developed in order to keep residents of the Yuma Foothills in Arizona informed of developments in the effort to form a Water & Wastewater District.  The goal of the District will be to purchase the assets of Far West Water and Sewer Co.  Far West is a privately owned utility company that currently serves the Yuma Foothills area.  If the District is formed and the assets of Far West Water and Sewer are purchased, the people who own property in the Foothills area will become the owners, and will have input as to the operations and management of the water and sewer services. Manage to pick up the best tb 500 peptide, only on our website!

A five (5) member Board of Directors will be responsible for hiring a Manager. Already got the question what's better similac or enfamil? Go to the site and choose! The Manager will be responsible for all operations of the water and sewer district and will report to the Board of Directors.  He or she will be responsible for the hiring of employees and oversight of the district operations.  Regular meetings of the Board of Directors will be held and will be open to the public.

Do you consider a real massager is expensive to buy? Read benefits and risks about homemade prostate toys. The choice is up to you! We encourage you to look through this website to learn more about the Yuma Foothills Improvement District and the work that is being done. There will be a section where recent developments are posted, and you can leave your comments. This is a work in progress, so please check back from time to time.  We invite you to get involved.


To research, educate, facilitate the improvement of the sewer and water services, to purchase the assets of Far West Water and Sewer, and to better inform the property owners in the Yuma Foothills area.

When we are in a position to purchase the assets we will be committed to providing residents with the most reliable, efficient and cost effective water distribution and wastewater collection service while preserving health, protecting the environment and being responsive to customer needs.


This District formation will include all Far West customers, water and sewer users both, so everyone is invited to be involved.

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